Agile Win Hotkey for iFlyVoice

A Windows gadget to configure Win+H as the custom Hotkey for quick start of the iFLYTEK Voice Input Floating Window (讯飞语音悬浮窗).

Why did I create “Windows Hotkey for iFlyVoice” 👾

iFlyVoice is the #1 AI-based voice recognition in China. Its advantages include:

  • High accuracy
  • Support in almost every Windows application
  • Support over 40 languages
  • 100% Free

What I think there is not enough is the options of its Hotkey. Only F2, F6, F7, F8, F9, and F10 keys are available for the voice input hotkey in the iFlyIME settings.

It is bad because those keys are often been used by other applications.

Win+H is an ideal option in this case. By default, it is the shortcut to open the dictation toolbar in Windows 10. However, Windows Dictation commands are available in US English only. it is useless for non-English speakers. Therefore, it is a good idea to override this unneeded key to fit our purpose.

By running the Hotkey tool in the background, you can utilize the Win+H hotkey to turn Windows Hearing your voices through the iFlyVoice.

Thanks to that, I can turn down the idea to have an AI voice input mouse. This saves my time in researching which brand/model is the best, and no need to take a risk to spend money to buy such a toy.

🚀 Usages

  • Change the hotkey for Windows 10 voice recognition from Win+H to Win+Alt+H
  • Override Win+H hotkey and trigger iFLYTEK Voice Input in the following conditions:

    • Launch iFLYTEK Voice Input if the program is not running in the background.
    • Start/stop listening if the Floating Window is on the desktop.

✅ Requirements

  • Operation System: Windows Only
  • Software: iFlyIME (讯飞输入法) for Windows v3.0.1725

🧪 Tested applications

✅ Microsoft Word ✅ Microsoft Excel ✅ Microsoft OneNote
✅ Notion for Windows ✅ Visual Studio Code ✅ WhatsApp Desktop


MSI Installer | Portable (ZIP)

🤝 Contributing

Pull requests for new features, bug fixes, and suggestions are welcome!


GNU Affero General Public License v3.0