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Welcome to my New Site

This site is a new version of my old site "Blog of a POLIDA post-grad II ." which was hosting in Now it has been moved to the GitHub page. It should deliver a much faster page loading speed and a nicer display of codes. I hope you will better enjoy my content.

Pinned Projects

Academic Projects

keywords: Molecular Dynamics, LAMMPS, OVITO

Skills and User Tips for "Large-scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator" (LAMMPS)

  • How to Send a Notification from a LAMMPS Simulation to Your Email
  • Tip for scripting LAMMPS: Create And Rename A Folder Based On The Input Variables
  • [template] OVITO python modifier

Personal Projects

Qwiklabs, Instagram, Tumblr, CNC Milling

Qwiklabs Lab Completion Tracker

AutoFetcher for Saving IG Stories to GDrive

A Google App Script for deploying a web application that automatically fetches the available latest IG Stories of a target Instagram user to your Google Drive.

Tumblr Quick Tools in Python

A set of python scripts for manipulating Tumblr blogs

Amazon Associates Ads Loader for Tumblr

A converter to change an Amazon Associates Ads script to an HTML tag

MDX LabPanel

GUI Control Panel for Roland MODELA MDX-15/20 CNC Machine

Screenshot of MDX LabPanel v0.4