Learning Google Cloud Platform on Qwiklabs: Learning Map, Assistive Tool and Tips (2020)

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What is Qwiklabs

Qwiklabs is a great online self-paced learning platform for getting hands-on experience of the Google Cloud Platform. It has over 400 hands-on labs and quests to learn and practice. If you are not familiar with Qwiklabs, I suggest you watch this video made by Google Cloud Team to get a rough idea about using Qwiklabs for Hands-on Practice with Google Cloud.

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After you logged in to Qwiklabs, you can see there are five training categories, i.e.

  • Infrastructure & DevOps
  • Websites & App Dev
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Security, Backup & Recovery

You can start your training based on your goal and purpose, or find the quests for GCP using the filter function available on the Catalog page. Qwiklabs grouped different kinds of labs into 56 quests for learning GCP, and divided them to 4 levels: Introductory, Fundamental, Advanced, and Expert. You may also look for the resources by search, but the results are sorted by relevance rather than an appropriate order for study or learning. As a result, I tried to organise the Qwiklabs quests to be a learning map to trace the connections among them.

Visual Map of Qwiklabs GCP Quests

I spent about three months to take all the Qwiklabs quests for Google Cloud Platform. In the end, I think that there is a need to create a visual map to indicate and understand the relationships between the quests, thereby an easier way for any beginner to seek their desired learning paths. I illustrated the following map by connecting the blocks based on the quest descriptions. You can navigate in the map and click on the boxes to open the corresponding quest webpages.

Learning map for Qwiklabs GCP Quests (keep update)


Custom Tool for Labelling Completed Labs and Quests

As a Qwiklabs user, I found it is messy and damp to lookup unenrolled quests or incompleted labs from the Qwiklabs Catalog page or Search Results (www.qwiklabs.com/catalog). I desired to make a straight-forward way to identify the catalog, by adding a green check-circle next to those completed. So, I tried to develop a solution named β€œQwiklabs Lab Completion Tracker”.

The prototyped tool can help you visually identify the completed catalogue items with a green check-circle () showing at the end of a lab or quest title. A demo screenshot is shown below.

Fig. Effects on the completed labs on a Quest page (For version >= 0.4.5)
Fig. Effects on a completed lab page (For version >= 0.4.5)

For more information, you can read the post β€œUserscript for Labelling Completed Qwiklabsβ€œ.

Tips for Preparing a Lab

Sometimes, you can find examples and tutorials from the Qwiklabs’ blog on Medium (@qwiklabs). Also, you may search for introductive videos from YouTube, such as the Qwiklabs and the Google Cloud Platform channels. The playlist below includes parts of the videos,

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