QMyths: My badge for 'Challenge: GCP Architecture' disappears?!

Recently, I noticed that the Quest “Challenge: GCP Architecture” was no longer found from the Qwiklabs Catalog. In addition, its badge, the lovely bear, disappeared from the profile. This made me felt upset.

Screenshot: The Challenge: GCP Architecture badge from my archive

Where does the bear badge go?

In a nullshell, the quest (ID: 47) Challenge: GCP Architecture has been renamed to Cloud Architecture - Design, Implement, and Manage. The URL also changed /quests/124. Therefore, it seems to be off-shelf. Indeed, All the labs in the quest remains unchanged. You record is still there but it is replaced with the new quest title and the new badge.

Became Cloud Architecture - Design, Implement, and Manage at the same position

The Cookbooks of the Cloud Architecture Series:

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