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My MATLAB Package and Toolbox Picks

A collection of useful MATLAB packages and toolboxes that support and improve your workflow, data visualization, code functionility and performance.

Expand shorten URLs in MATLAB

Sometimes I use MATLAB scripts to analyze Twitter posts. One issue is that Twitter uses shorten URLs started with for the links, such as retweets. To get the original...

Matrix Conversion between MATLAB and Microsoft Equation Editor

When I was studying my MPhil and PhD degrees, one bothering job was to rewrite the programmed formulas and computational results that were coded with numerical analysis software, MATLAB to...

[template] OVITO python modifier

OVITO 2.6.0 allows users to program their own modifier in Python. Here provides a template including the common headers and a for-loop for per-particle assignment.

OVITO - The Open Visualization Tool - Version 2.6.1 - has been released

I do like using OVITO for analysis and visualization of my LAMMPS results.

Short Notes on Fuzzy Logic

A summary about the types of Fuzzy Logic and their applications in control systems.

Working MATLAB with MS Excel

This is a tutorial to show the installation of Spreadsheet Link EX for use with MATLAB and Excel.

File I/O and File System in MATLAB

A brief note about file handling in MATLAB, including different approaches to list files and folders, and them to the search path.

An Inspiring TED video talking about how we should rethink about the unknown in the postgraduate or research study

Prof. Uri Alon gave an inspiring talk in TED. He pointed out what most PhD students face in their postgraduate studies. We traditionally think science should be objective and rational....

My APEA conference paper is now available on Scientific.Net

K.Y. Fung, C.Y. Tang, Chi Fai Cheung, W.C. Law (2014). Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Plastic Deformation of Diamond at an Elevated Temperature.  Key Engineering Materials, 626, 329. doi:10.4028/

Tip for scripting LAMMPS: Create And Rename A Folder Based On The Input Variables

In a molecular dynamics study, simulation is often repeated with different sets of parameters, e.g. dimensions, velocity, initial pressure and temperature. If the parameters are defined as variables in the...

Creating an array of SJR widget for visual comparison of journal ranks

Impact factor is very useful for us to rank SCI journals. However, I can’t access Journal Citation Report (JCR) outside my campus. The browsed section losses if the session time...

How to Send a Notification from a LAMMPS Simulation to Your Email

Molecular dynamics simulations often take long computational times, from several hours to a few days. It is a boring job to monitor the progress of simulations. Very often, we switch...