Working MATLAB with MS Excel

This is a tutorial to show the installation of Spreadsheet Link EX for use with MATLAB and Excel.


  1. First, make sure you can find the excllink.xlam file under your MATLAB program directory \matlabroot\toolbox\exlink\.

  2. Click Open. In the Add-Ins dialog box, the Spreadsheet Link EX for use with MATLAB and Excel checkbox is selected.

The Spreadsheet Link EX Add-In loads now and with each subsequent Excel session. The MATLAB group appears on the top right of the Home tab in your Excel worksheet. Open the Menu and click Start MATLAB.

The MATLAB Command Window button appears on the Microsoft Windows taskbar. Spreadsheet Link EX is ready for use.

Now, you can see a list of the MATLAB options in the context menu when you right-click a cell in Excel.

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