Qwiklabs Lab Completion Tracker - Version History

Qwiklabs Lab Completion Tracker - Version History Qwiklabs Lab Completion Tracker - Version History

Userscript for Qwiklabs Completion Tracking

v2.0 - Revamp for New Qwiklabs Web Design 🚁

Qwiklabs made a significant change in its web design at the end of September 2021. It broke most of the features in our previous versions. I’d made an effort to revise and update the code to keep up with the latest Qwiklabs web design. Today, I’m happy to announce the release the version 2.0 of our Qwiklabs Lab Completion Tracker.

🖼 Screenshots of Major Changes in v2.0

Status icons are inserted under the progress bar of activity cards on Qwiklabs Home page
The Update database records and View last 100 records add-ons buttons on Qwiklabs Profile page

v1.0 - Fix the Change in My Learning URL

  • Replaced /my_learning with /profile/activity.
  • Changed the CSS selector and Regular Expression to look up the total number of activities.
  • Do not support pages with a URL starting with /my_learning.

v0.5.5 - Fix Not Recognize Activity Names That Contains Colons (:)

  • Set a custom attribute to tag the lab/quest 🆔 for the row of unmarked learning activities
  • Change to use the lab/quest ID as the key 🗝 for batch update to DB
  • Fix the type of lab/quest 🆔 (aka an integer) during update

v0.5.4 - Fix the Change in My Learning Layout

  • Added a quick link to view all My Learning Activity results
  • Revised the way to update the database records with the new format of learning activity data

    Effects on the new My Learning Activity section (For v0.5.4)


  • Eliminate scripts for the /my_learning/labs and /my_learning/courses pages
  • Modified to parse and annotate the new My Learning Activity table


  • Amended for the new Catalog page design


  • One-click update the labs and quests status to the IndexedDB


  • Store the labs and quests data locally with IndexedDB
  • Repackage JavaScript with Async/Await

For v0.4.8 or Earlier

  • Each catalog item compares with the manually labelled array data storing within the userscript.
  • Label the completed labs and quests with a green check-circle () at the end of their titles.

    Effects on the Qwiklabs catalog page (For version < 0.4.5)

v0.4.8 - Support Tracking “Home” and “My Learning” Pages

  • Add NEW badges and yellow highlights to any unregistered labs and quests.
  • Apply the color scheme to the short tables of the “Completed Courses” and “Completed Labs” pages on the My Learning page.
  • Apply the annotation scheme to the “Your Favorites”, “Featured Learning”, and “What’s Hots” sections on the Home page.


  • Add green highlight to the titles of completed labs and quests.
  • Add annotations to Your Favorites in the My Learning page.
  • Add color backgrounds to each row in tables of the Completed Courses and Completed Labs pages.
  • Change to use JSON-markup for storing lab and quest data.

The version 0.4.5 start covering the “Completed Courses” and “Completed Labs” pages under the My Learning section. Since the quests mix with speedrun games in the list of completed courses, each row of the game records highlights in purple color for distinguishing them.

Effects on the Completed Courses page (For version >= 0.4.5)
Effects on the Completed Labs page (For version >= 0.4.5)

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