An Inspiring TED video talking about how we should rethink about the unknown in the postgraduate or research study

Prof. Uri Alon gave an inspiring talk in TED. He pointed out what most PhD students face in their postgraduate studies. We traditionally think science should be objective and rational. There should be a straight forward path going from questions to answers. But Aion this is rarely the situation in real life. He and he found many colleagues and his students feel depression and frustration because many times the things can go wrong. For example, experiments generate unexpected results. Then, the research becomes to get away from the path and go into messy and unknown status, that he called a cloud.

However, Aion advocates that is an amazing part of science. When you accept the unknown and search the path in the cloud. You may eventually go through the boundary of the unknown and come up with a different answer, which is usually more interesting than the answer that expected in the original path. This comes up that we should overcome our fear of the unknown, and go forward to embrace it.

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