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Qwiklabs implemented a big change to the format of its quests in 2020. Multiple quests patched with a new challenge lab, to test user’s skills and knowledge, respectively. New users can no longer complete a quest and earn the badge as easily as before.

In the last few months, I received a few comments that ask for help in those challenge labs. I am going to publish a series of logbooks to provide hints and instructions for those difficult labs.

In this article, we will go through the lab GSP313 reate and Manage Cloud Resources: Challenge Lab (formerly known as Google Cloud Essentials: Challenge Lab). This exercise is an extension of the introductory-level Quest called “Google Cloud Essentials”, which is recommended as the quest for the Google Cloud learner. You should learn the fundamental tools and services of the Google Cloud, including the deployment of a virtual machine, a Kubernetes Engine, and HTTP load balancers. The challenge lab is to test those skills and techniques again.

The challenge contains 3 compulsory tasks:

  1. Create a project jumphost instance (zone: us-east1-b);
  2. Create a Kubernetes service cluster;
  3. Setup an HTTP load balancer to create the web server frontend.

Task 1: Create a project jumphost instance

Hint: Refer and modify the procedures in the lab GSP001 Creating a Virtual Machine.

This task is simple. Make sure you create the VM instance with:

  • Name: nucleus-jumphost
  • Zone: us-east1-b
  • Machine Type: f1-micro

Task 2: Create a Kubernetes service cluster

Hint: Refer and modify the procedures in the lab GSP100 Kubernetes Engine: Qwik Start.

Make sure you:

  • create the cluster to the zone us-east1-b by setting your default compute zone correctly;
  • deploy the Docker container hello-app:2.0, instead of hello-app:1.0.

Task 3: Setup an HTTP load balancer

Hint: Refer and modify the procedures in the lab GSP007 Set Up Network and HTTP Load Balancers.

Make sure you:

  • create the instance-group with –size 2;
  • create the backend-services to the zone us-east1-b.

The deployed nginx web servers:

Congratulations! You completed this challenge lab.


In a nutshell, this challenge lab is basic and simple that only requires directly reuse the steps and Cloud Shell commands from the labs in the Google Cloud Essentials quest. I recommend you open the labs listed in the above hints in new tabs when you are carrying out this challenge lab. You can find all instructions from those references, and try your best to finish the challenge lab by yourself.

If you still have questions, you can leave a comment below.

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