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This post records the correct answers for the Qwiklabs quiz “Knowledge Check: Controlling Your Costs search”, which is a part of the quest “Optimizing Your GCP Costs”.

Last update: 2020-04-29

Q: Which of the following best describes the ideal use cases for setting up a budget?

To receive an email alert notification for when your costs hit, or are forecasted to hit, a specified amount.

To monitor resource consumption at specific intervals before the end of the billing cycle (e.g., at 25%, 50%, etc.)

Q: A budget can only be set for _____ and configured to cover the scope of _____ and/or ______.

A single billing account, projects, products

Q: What is meant by the scope of a budget?

Refers to the combination of GCP projects and products that the budget covers.

Q: Which of the following is not a usage-based credit type that you can filter your billing data by?

Tax reductions issued by Google Cloud for using cloud resources.

Q: When should you set up quotas?

When you want to set a limit on the number of concurrent resources in a project or the number of API requests.

Q: Suppose one of your engineers spun up an expensive compute instance in a Test environment and left it running overnight. You receive an alert notification the next day with a significant spike in your costs. Which of the following could you implement using cost management tools to help prevent this from happening in the future?

Set up a quota limit to cap service usage when developing and testing applications.

Set up a programmatic budget notification to disable billing for the project specific to the test environment to stop usage when exceeding the budget threshold.

Disable that individual’s access to all GCP resources until the next billing cycle.

Use the shared responsibility model to encourage project owners to make cost-effective decisions when consuming GCP resources.

Change the quota limit for that resource type to unlimited.

Q: You run a query for the fifth time in BigQuery, and you receive the following error message - ‘Custom quota exceeded: Your usage exceeded the custom quota for QueryUsagePerUserPerDay, which is set by your administrator.’ What does this message mean?

You’ve exceeded the limit on the amount of queries that you can run for the day.

The limit will be reset the following day.

Only your project administrator can adjust the quota limit.

Your access to BigQuery has been revoked indefinitely.

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