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This website is mobile-first and speeds up with AMP right now. Almost the entire site is AMP validated, except a very few pages. You’ll load our pages on mobile devices much faster than before. Our world, especially the web/internet, is evolving fast. Of course, content is the king for a blog, but UX also plays a significant role in its success. After the new theme released in the last month, this site recorded a reduction of bounce rate for over 25% and an increase of average session duration for nearly 185%. The impact of UX can be tremendous. Not only the visual design of the web but also the loading speed. Users do not want to wait for page loading. The AMP-Cached pages will be delivered quickly via Google’s Content Delivery Networks (CDN) with very small latencies. With the optimized JS and CSS, the AMP pages will also provide smoother web experience even being loaded with slow 3G networks or low-end mobile devices. I wish the enhancement will help people worldwide to access and learn the content and knowledge shared on this website. Also, you’ll better enjoy this site.

New Features with using AMP as a framework

Further step that needs help

Regarding the article Learning Google Cloud Platform on Qwiklabs: Learning Map, Assistive Tool and Tips (2020), the List of Quests and the List of Labs currently use a jQuery plugin called DataTables to facilitate table sorting and filtering. Since the AMP framework highly restricts the JavaScript and CSS available for a web page, it forces to seek a lightweight and dependency-free JavaScript solution for replacement. If you have any suggestions, I hope you can kindly tell me via the Disqus comments below.

Chris F. Author of this blog, M.Phil.
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